How to write a good product description?

A production description refers to the marketing copy that explains about the product properly and its worth to be purchased. The primary purpose of the product description is to supply customers with useful information about their product’s features and benefits of each product so that they can be able to make them compare and accordingly buy it.

It is essential to write a good product description for which some point must keep in mind while writing.

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Follow these 8 points to write a good product description

1. Focus on Target Audience

The initial step of start writing a product description is to define the target audience. Good product description will address the target audience directly and personally. Consider how one would speak to the ideal buyer and think about whether would appreciate it or not.

how to write good product description

2. Entice with Benefits

The product description must describe the feature and specification of the product. A product feature denotes a factual statement that gives the technical information. The benefit of the product description tells how the life of the buyer can be improved through the specific product.

3. Describe full Story

A good product description tends to provide all the relevant details about the product that convince the buyer of its benefits as well as to their emotions. It is the perfect place to get through prompt emotions. For example, product description starts with “Natural Amethyst Ring” then goes through a full description of its size, purity, colour, markings and shape may vary.

4. Use Natural Tone and Language

Do not use ‘Yeah’ ‘Of course’ kind of words or phrases. Make it real and like natural conversation. Try to make the description in bullet points that is also easier to go through in less time, and it must mention the quality of the product with individual impressions and highlighting features.

5. Use Superlatives with justification

Some exact words and phrases naturally prompt an emotional response in individuals. Superlatives comprehension is hypocritical unless one can prove why that product is the best, the easiest, or the most innovative. If that product is the best, deliver specific evidence why this is the case.

how to write product descriptions

6. Appeal to the Customer’s Imagination

The products, in this case, is selling through online and not directly hand-to-hand with the customers. Therefore, the customers are unable to touch or hold the specific products. It is essential to make the customer feel actually while having that particular product. One can start with the word imagine and end with a clear explanation.

7. Create Product Description Template

There is not any single size that fits all for product copy. Therefore, an individual can try for their own description template. Give some time to consider the quality measures that the targeted customers are looking for and be sure to contain it in descriptions.

8. Make the description Easy to Scan

Nowadays, people have a tight busy schedule. It may be possible that they have a short period to give to a particular site, and instead of going through all the pages, they can see only 20% of it. This, try to make the description super scannable through bullet points, short paragraphs, and with few sentences.

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