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Top 10 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs in UK

Everyone can’t make use of Work from Home opportunity but seriously it has its perks.

Most of the jobs came over online instead of offline considering the data security, backup and to manage it from different locations. It increased the opportunity for Work from home and remote jobs.

Legitimate Work from home jobs helps you earn more money by doing work from your home.

Work from Home Jobs can be categorized into two major sections as Work.

  1. Work from Home for a Company 
  2. Work from Home as a Freelancer

Seriously both having a huge impact and demand in every market. All you need is to know about it and have enough knowledge to handle it better

One of the best advantages of doing Work from Home Jobs is no time constraint and no limitation for earning.

Time is not a matter when you are doing work from home and doesn’t have any other job commitments. Most of the time people doing a mistake are like trying to act smart by signing up with multiple companies for the work from home opportunity. It really sucks when you do so.

Take some serious note and study before choosing an work from home opportunity or a job which should help you better.

Requirements for Work from Home

Work from home job opportunity doesn’t have huge requirement. It looks so cool and easy from outside and will feel little dirty while actually doing it. If you don’t have any previous experience then you will get some precious experience soon.

  • Good Internet Connection
  • Good performing computer with needed software (it depends on the work)

Top 10 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs (for a Company)

  1. Tech Support

tech support jobsTech Support is only of the expensive job role offered by every company if you are expertise in the field. Every company needs a job role on Tech Support Specialist and some companies even get it as a service from other companies as they doesn’t have knowledge or enough resources on their hand.

If you are expertise in Tech Support and can provide assistance, then there are some companies who are keenly looking forward. So doing tech support is available as a work from home option with an agreement on Data policies.

You can earn a competitive income by doing Work from home for a company. Salary for a typical tech support staff in UK ranges from £23,000 – £53,000 per year.

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic DesignerEveryone can’t become a Graphic designer by nature. Regular practice and solid hard work help them to expertise on the role Graphic Designer.

Normally we know the expectation and the taste varies for each person. Graphic Designers are the one who develop the final design which satisfies most of the people.

Graphic Designer job doesn’t require a seat in office as it’s all about the talent and the commitment on deliver. So you can get work from home opportunity from the company who is in need of an employee on the job role.

If you don’t have any skills on this, it’s not a tough situation. There is lot of online courses which starts from the colour combination to expertise designs. If you have the interest and if you put the hard work, then you can earn money by working from home for a company. On an average Graphic Designer earns between £30,000 – £40,000 a year in UK.

  1. Web Developer

Web Developer jobWebsites and Web Applications are coming over the web every day. If you have any coding knowledge in Java Script, PHP, Bootstrap or other web development or application development languages then you can crack this work from home opportunity for a company.

If you feel that you are not in learning or doing programming, then you have an option here. Website development is very easy but doing attractive designs and implementation needs the skills.

You can purchase themes that helps to build using Visual Builder doesn’t require any codes. Some of the powerful WordPress themes are Divi, Elementor and so on.

Most probably company accepts web developer to do work from home but expect strict timing availability for good production. Build some samples to present it in a nice way and you can get good offers. Web Developers can earn from £20,ooo to £46,ooo in UK per year.

  1. Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital Marketing AnalystDigital Marketing Analyst is huge role which is expected to get good pay compared to any other jobs. It is one of the powerful sections to bring in the clients and it helps to increase the company potential and revenue.

Companies won’t accept Work from Home opportunity for beginners on this Job role. It is the job role to play with company investments. So companies won’t prefer to go with fresher as they need skilled person to spend less on marketing and to increase the ROI.

If you have previous experience and expertise in Digital Marketing, this job role will help you earn more money by working from home. Average salary for the Digital Marketing Analyst in UK ranges between £19,000 – £37,000 for a year.

  1. Sales Manager

Sales ManagerSales Manager Job opportunities are available in both full time and other optional timings as well. Proper execution is the core for every business.

Responsibilities of Sales Manager Includes:

Analyzing existing customer base and requirements of the business and it’s competitors. Based on the analysis, designing and implementing the strategic plan through which the company’s customer base will get expanded to ensure the strong presence.

Sales Manager should have the skills to convince and motivate the employees in the positive way for the company. These are very highly paid jobs as the execution of the sales manager decides the future of the business. Sales Manager salary ranges between £31,000 – £80,000 per year in UK.

  1. Content Writer

Content WriterA content Writing professional doesn’t need any software other than their personal skills. Internet will be their home ground to fetch lot of details about the content/topic provided to write about.

They are responsible to produce the engaging content which should be liked by most of the readers. It should be informational and engaging which should keep the user travel along with the content till the end.

Content Writing is like directing a movie which should keep us engaged till the end to make it successful.

Content Writing Jobs are available to do as work from home for a company. If the company accepts and doesn’t have huge requirement, you can work for multiple companies with the proper agreement.

Content Quality, Grammar and Research Skills can earn a lot easily by doing Work from Home. Normally, content writers will get paid by paying based on Word Count.  Content writer earns between £31,000 – £80,000 per year in UK.

  1. Online Customer Service

Online Customer ServiceOnline Customer Service is defined as a service that helps and solves the problem of a customer. Every company will have support agents who should take care of the customer support and service for a positive feedback.

You should have lot of patience while handling the customers who come for Online Customer Service. It varies for each business and this job role should be available in all service and product based companies as they earn a lot through support than the sales.

Primary Goal of Online Customer Service is to assist the customers over online and help them in solving the problem that they face. Most of the companies will prefer to provide Work from Home for the Employees who work under this job role.

Best Customer Support and positive reviews from the client will give you a positive point on salary increments. That decides your growth as well. Average salary for the customer service staff ranges between £16,000 – £29,000 per year in UK.

  1. Online Trainer

Online TrainerOnline Trainer is one of the trending jobs going around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. As everyone got stuck in home, people started finding opportunities to get better jobs and to learn the valuable courses with the help of Online Trainer.

So there are lot of classifications in the way of teaching as it depends on the companies and their internal structure.

One to One training is considered as the most valuable way to learn and it will be the costlier option as well. If you have the skills and got selected on an Online Training Academy who do regular online training to their clients, then you can do it as Work from home. But you should satisfy the requirements and quality as per the company standards.

If the teaching is happening through Online Video Screening then you have good internet and quality camera to feel realistic. If not then it may spoil the company structure itself. So the requirement satisfaction is very much important when it comes to online training. Average salary for the online trainer ranges between £18,000 – £45,000 per year in UK.

  1. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical TranscriptionistMedical Transcriptionist also referred as healthcare documentation specialist. They actually listed to the doctors and physicians’ voice recording and convert it into the documentation.

Most of the time the speech recognition technology is used to convert the voice into documentation. The medical transcriptionist will also review and edit that medical documentation as well.

Typing speed, Strong listening skills, grammar and typing accuracy will the core requirement to work from home as Medical Transcriptionist. Average salary for the Medical Transcriptionist ranges between £50,000 – £70,000 per year in UK.

  1. Reviewer

ReviewerReviewer is one of the most needed job role available in every company. Nowadays everything is online and trust is acting as a major factor.

People used to check the reviews before purchasing a product or services as tones of options available over online.

As the options are high people spend sometimes in choosing the best and the reviews are the most considered points.

Every companies will have a online reviewer, who research and give elaborative study about the product and services on different websites. Average salary for the product reviewer ranges between £39,000 – £50,000 per year in UK.

They publish it as a paid post on the high quality websites to gain some positiveness.


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