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How to find best WordPress agency in the UK?

WordPress 5.4 is out! How to find the best WordPress agency in the UK?

On 31st March 2020, WordPress announced its newest update of the year, 5.4. The version is named after Nat Adderley, famous for his contribution to Jazz music in the 1960s. The latest promises more efficiency over the work and development of websites. The new features will contribute a lot to make your posts and webpages alive and keep visitors engaged to it.

The advent of the version also promises 14% growth & an increase in the pace of block loading with 51% increase in the typing time!

The version also promises the accessibility to its newest features exciting features, just take a glance over them.

Welcome guide

As soon as you open the Gutenberg Guide, you get to see a Welcome guide which is helpful enough to give you a basic introduction about the blocks. This particular feature is useful for those who are new to this editor and in the arena of website and blog building.

Social icons block

This block will help you to add specific social media icons to your blog posts and webpages. There is an availability of around 40 icons of different social media platforms, including Google, Amazon, and Pinterest, etc. You can also select different styles as per your requirement of the display.

Toolbar sticky on mobile

If you edit WordPress on a smartphone, the block Toolbar is located at the top of the block (at the time of editing WordPress).

More colours option

There is a new option of colours on different blocks, including Column and group blocks. You can add and set the text and the background colour too. There is also a new feature to change the colour of a specific part of a text just by highlighting the particular section.

Drag and drop feature image

Now there is not a single need to upload featured images from the media library anymore. Now you can drop featured images straight from your desktop to the highlighted image area without any concerned settings effort.

how to find best wordpress agency

Alter image size in the gallery

The advent of this new version also comes up with many more size settings. Now you can choose a particular size according to your need from four different size options: Thumbnail, Medium, Large and Full size.

Improvement in privacy practices

This practice is one of the most relieving features of this recent version. WordPress has developed and updated its privacy practices for the better protection of users’ privacy in this platform. It also makes it relaxed for you to handle any of the requests and queries regarding the handling of your personalized data.

Other key features

There are lots of exciting, vital features that make the administration and overall building of the site much more comfortable than before. This could be the main purpose for the popularity of WordPress amongst the nascent developers since it provides more and more ease in the development of websites and blogs with the upcoming of its brand new versions.

Other key features include API updates, DOM Structure changes, New Keyboard shortcuts, Changes to button components, etc.

How to find the best WordPress Agency in the UK?

Finding the best WordPress agency in the UK is just an extraordinary task. Now with the advent of its recent versions, you need to roam around for a company that is quite aware of its latest updates and features. What are some of the best ways to find such companies? Which criteria do we consider to choose the best company for our requirements?

A WordPress development agency in the UK is capable of mostly all the requirements you and other countries might be wondering for. But still, some of them lack some of the essential web development or WordPress development features needed by your company. Here are some of the steps and criteria you need to consider before choosing any of the WordPress development agencies in the UK.

Great rapport

This particular feature is something that cannot be understated.  To work along for the website development, your whole team, including the other company which is working on your behalf, should maintain a friendly tailor-made relationship to work in any of the complex projects.

The company which hesitates to make sudden conversations is not considered as recommended especially for WordPress development. You need to be attentive in conversations while others are developing websites on your behalf.

Excellent work

This one is the most mandated feature for which you need to look around in a company. If a company excels in the work according to the niche, one should appoint the same for the work. You will quickly get to know about the same by reading the reviews and doing a little bit of research about their past work in the e-commerce development zone.

Excellent work varies from the different requirements of a company. High quality work is not always the cheapest one. For quality work, you need to spend a little more resources on the research and payment of the company. But you will quickly find out various WordPress development agencies in the UK which provide high-quality work at reasonable prices.

Relevant experience

Relevant experience is again one of the most important factors you need to consider before choosing an e-commerce development agency in the UK. Relevant expertise does not mean that the company is working for a long time. The term ‘relevant’ changes the whole meaning. You might know and are quite aware of the new features of the current 5.4 version of WordPress. Any WordPress development Agency in UK should have particular experience with the features and their working.

best wordpress agency

Some suggestions

Well, there are lots of different WordPress development agencies in the UK, some for them are considered as fruitful for Website development for any of the companies. Sheer Digital, Zesty, Together, CSI Media, Browser London, Codal, Our Brand, Zudu, ARCH are some of the best WordPress development agencies in the UK in recent times.


Well, the advent of this new 5.3 version of WordPress has brought some of the brand new exciting features in the website development. Many companies need to hire a particular agency for the same, but some specific criteria and steps need to be followed. A lot of different WordPress development agencies in the UK are ready to serve their esteemed clients; there is just a single need to approach them.



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