PAT Testing Importance

What is PAT Testing? Its Significance in all sectors

What is PAT Testing

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing which is performed in all 3 sectors like commercial, domestic, small, or large Business industries to ensure that the portable products used by their employees or the members of the public are safe and maintain an electrical hazard-free environment. All these PAT Testing done should certainly comply with the Healthy and Safety Standards & working Regulations of the UK government.

PAT testing Significance

Importance of PAT Testing

One of the statistical reports had mentioned that 15% of domestic fires in England is due to electrical faults and breakdowns. On average it is found that almost 8,000 electrical fires in the UK alone with 4000 injuries and 30 deaths approximately. So in order to avoid these issues and always prevention is better than cure. So performing PAT Testing regularly plays a vital role in all sectors.

Portable appliance testing can be done by observing the working of the portable appliances continued by a formal visual inspection which is to be done by experienced and professional engineers and provide the same in the form of a report for future reference.

Benefits of Performing PAT Testing

  • Reduce the Risk level of the electrical equipment
  • Increase the life of all portable appliances or equipment for the long term
  • Prevent Electrical Hazards
  • Reduce the chances of a fire in the working premises
  • Helps the Business landlords to save money by performing PAT tests at regular intervals
  • Appropriate testing helps you to comply with UK Regulations
  • PAT Tests helps to have regular insurance over your appliances and stay happy

PAT Testing Procedures

PAT Testing PASS or Fail

In general, it is always advisable that the PAT Testing is done by experts with the specific electric tests equipment and also ensure that testing procedures comply with the recognized guideline for Safety.

  • A business or company will contract an engineer for the long term for testing their appliances in the workplace.
  • The engineer will then perform the series of tests visually and with testing equipment and certify whether the appliance is safe or unsafe to use.
  • If it is Safe, then the product would be deemed with green color(PASS) and entered into the database for future reference and if it is unsafe then a red color(FAIL) label will be deemed in it with a warning not to use until it is repaired or replaced.
  • Risk assessments are carried on all appliances to check the regular intervals of retesting of different products which varies depending on the high traffic area, damage, and frequent usage of items.

procedure for PAT Testing services

PAT Testing Equipment and its usage

All these electrical safety tests are not possible without the help of a proper PAT Testing Equipment. The different types of tests that can be performed by the testing equipment are,

  • Earth bond test
  • Insulation test
  • Leakage/touch current test
  • Cable and extension lead tests
  • At times, visual inspection to identify any minor physical problems

There are different types of testing equipment available from low budget models to advanced models and each one has its own merits and demerits. So it depends upon the needs of the customer and the items available in the commercial places. Testers are also available for beginners with the basic models. When choosing the pat tester various factors has to be considered they are,

  • Looking for a downloadable machine?
  • Want advanced functions?
  • Is tester to be portable & light weighted?
  • Want a large onboard memory?

Based on these factors the testers can be chosen which ensures the appliances are highly safe with qualified professional engineers.

Certified PAT Testing Engineer

As mentioned earlier the PAT Testing is being carried out by professionals who have undergone complete training in PAT Testing, passed, and also gained a certificate of competence in PAT Testing. This certificate proves that these engineers are accurate and safe enough to carry out the appliance testing and deem them as safe or unsafe.

Training course for pat testing

Want to become a PAT Tester then there are a number of training courses available like,

  • City and Guild PAT Testing Course
  • PAT testing Competence course
  • PAT testing Business Startup course

and still, many Electrical Training Courses are available which makes you a complete PAT Tester. After completing the course, you can choose different PAT testing kits available in the market to perform the test based on the needs of the customer and the appliances used.

Hope now you know the significance of the PAT Testing in all sectors and the different ways to perform the test and ensure that the portable appliances are safe to use in the workplace.

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