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Why you need to plan for a tour to India?

Discover the Matchless Treasures with India Tour Packages

India is a travelers’ treasure. The fascinating sights, the rich heritage, colourful culture, interesting architecture, adventure pursuits, spirituality, experiences and more present a matchless palate of delights. Vibrant colours, incredible hospitality, mouth-watering cuisine, delightful shopping, and many more simply add to the fabulous experience of India.

Be it the mighty mountains of the Himalayas, lush Western Ghats, scenic beaches by the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal or the Indian Ocean, the golden Thar Desert, serene backwaters, thriving jungles or any other corner of the country, India tour packages helps explore the most remarkabletravel experiences.

Here are some of the matchless treasures to discover in India:

History, Heritage & Culture

culture of india

Witness to the very start of civilization and the changing tides of time since then, India has a vast history and heritage that is without doubt matchless! Various eras have come up with various ruling powers, each of them having left their footprints in form of incredible architecture, monuments and other impressive relics. Even the -food, attires, hospitality, folk dances & music are a part of the cultural fabric.

From the beautiful Taj Mahal to the ruins of Hampi, Living Chola Temples to erotic-carvings of Khajuraho, mighty Red Forts in Delhi & Agra, Hill Forts of Rajasthan, elegant churches in Goa, etc.there is much to admire. India has a count of 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the historic cities of Jaipur and Ahmedabad. The Golden Triangle Circuit, a popular travel itinerary is an apt tour to explore India. Heritage walks, sightseeing, cultural excursions and more help explore the legacy of India.


spirituality in india

Sharing a connection with the divine, India has many places blessed with spirituality. Varanasi is as old as civilization where life and death are witnessed at the historic ghats. Highlights include boat trips at both dawn, dip in the holy River Ganges, communal worship of the evening Ganga Aarti.Rishikesh is the spiritual hub by the sacred River Ganges by the foothills of the Himalayas where yoga is said to be founded. The list of holy places in India is quite extensive as it is the hub of many religions and many sources of spiritual bliss.

Pilgrimage, stay at ashrams, visit to the temples, shrines, monasteries and sometimes even journey to the holy destinations connect you with spirituality.

Wildlife Adventure

wilidlife in india

Go exploring India’s national parks in search of wildlife. Spot the elusive tiger, few-surviving Asiatic lions, sloth bear, leopard, colourful birds and more on wildlife safaris in India. Ranthambhore is one of the more popular parks in north India.Head to explorethe central India parks, such as Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench or Tadoba. Consider Periyar or Bandipur in the South. Bird sanctuaries are also quite popular for wildlife adventures. Making this experience all the more mazing is stay at wildlife resorts away from cities in the lap of nature.

Not just wildlife, adventure activities in India also comprise trekking, mountaineering, etc. Water sports activities include scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, etc.


tour to india

A relaxing holiday is simply the best holiday in India. Beach resorts, hill stations of Himalayas, colourful historic cities, offbeat locales, even luxury trains make the ideal setting for a leisure stay. The practice of ‘guest is god’ makes very moment spent in India are a beautiful memory.

From exploring India with personal guides, customized Ayurveda massages& spa sessions, wellness programs, hospitable stay at heritage hotels transformed from royal palaces of the old, to many other experiences, holidays in India are crafted for utmost relaxation. The delicious taste of Indian cuisines both at the popular street trails as well as popular restaurants is a must do. Attending a folk performance, shopping and the many enriching experiences create wonderful memories.

Travel with family or for a romantic honeymoon or a getaway with friends, you will always return home pampered and refreshed.


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