Best screen recording app to monitor your employees

Business firms these days are very conscious about the productivity of employees in working hours. Moreover, they want to do surveillance on every activity happening on business owned laptop desktop devices in working hours. Employee monitoring has become a norm in the business world and employers have to take care of their businesses.

There are plenty of issues businesses are facing these days that force them to keep a hidden eye on the business owned devices in working hours. Moreover, employers love to provide technological equipment to employees to transform the business with laptops, desktops, tablets, and even mobile devices. Let’s get to know why employers are looking forward to monitoring employees in working hours.

Why do businesses want to monitor employees?

There are plenty of factors that business owners have to keep in mind that enables them to maintain discipline and to secure business from outside and threats within. There could be employees who turn disgruntle and steel company’s secrets and later on sell it for making easy money. Moreover, employees used to using laptop and desktop computer devices in working hours for personal activities and waste a couple of hours a day.

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Furthermore, employees are used to doing browsing activities and social media communication apart from the company’s colleagues. That’s why surveillance on employees has become necessary for employers in working hours. So, a business owner needs to have a screen recording app to track employees.

How to get screen recording software to monitor employees?

If you want to keep your employee’s activities on the company’s owned laptop and desktop devices under surveillance in working hours then you have to use a computer monitoring app. All you need to do is to get your hands on it and for that purpose use your device browser connected to the internet. Furthermore, search and get access to the official webpage of the PC tracking app and you get subscription online.

Once you have got the subscription then login to the email inbox and collected the passcode and ID. Now take the target laptop and desktop PC in your hands for a little while and start the installation process. When you have completed the installation process then you have to complete the setup on the target device.

Moreover, you need to use the credentials that you have been received earlier. Use the credentials and get access to the web portal where you can get your hands on plenty of powerful tools including screen recorder software to get the job done. Let’s discuss the tools alongside plenty of other ones.

Use computer spy software to monitor employees

You can use plenty of tools to track your employees’ company’s owned laptop and desktop machines. You can get to know what employees are doing on the computer screen with a complete time stamp. Moreover, employers can get to know at what time employees are used to accessing personal activities in working hours and other activities.

The live screen recording software is the best in the business that empowers you to see every activity employees are doing in working hours. When it comes to doing communication on social platforms you can see the activity logs likewise text messages, chats, audio-video chat logs, shared documents, and many more.

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You can see live browsing activities in terms of visited websites and bookmarked webpages. Moreover, you can see sent or received emails, password applied, and keystrokes. Let’s get to know how to use this particular tool on employee’s devices.

How to use screen recorder tool to monitor your employees?

Get access to the online control panel of the PC surveillance app and further get access to the powerful features. Now you need to tap on the live screen monitoring app and it will get activated. In addition to that, it will start its functionality and you will be able to record short time series of videos until employees are working on the laptop or desktop screen. Moreover, once you have done with the screen recording then you can send all the recorded videos to the web portal. You can get access to the online web portal and get to know what is happening on the devices.


Live screen recording software is the best tool for employers to monitor employee’s laptop and desktop devices to measure productivity in working hours.


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