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How to know if there are rats in your home & control their population?

Rats are running here and there inside your house fearlessly and you are calling rodent control services professionals thinking they will make your home rodent-free. It’s not as simple as it seems to be. Rodent control management you call at your place may fail to provide you desired results. This is possible. Especially when you hire some unreliable, so-called professionals who make you believe that they are perfect for this job. For best results, you need the best partner like Home Care Pest Control India.

In this article, Home Care Pest Control India professionals will tell you about the signs that show there are mice or rats inside your home. You will also learn how they can be destructive to you and your family.

Rodent Population Size

There are some signs that can give you an idea about the population of rodents in your home. If you see them roaming at night but never during the entire day, the population is not yet increased. You can control them with traps and bait. If you notice any rodent in the day along with several fresh droppings, there are more rodents present in your home and you require professional services to get rid of them.

Signs of increased rodents at your place-

  • More fresh droppings
  • Recent Gnawing
  • Foul odor
  • Nests
  • Scratching
  • Tracks

Fresh droppings are dark and moist. Old droppings dry out and turn grey and get crumbled if touched. You can find droppings near food packs, in drawers, cabinets, under sinks, in hidden places, and along rodent runaways. Maximum number of droppings will be found at places where rodents are nesting or feeding. You need to check the area around the new fresh droppings to know if there is an active infestation.

The gnawing is real and problematic in the case of rodents. Latest gnaw marks are lighter in shade and turn darker with time. You can often see them on food packaging or house structure itself. To know the actual time when gnaw mark was made by rodent, you need to compare the recent gnaw mark you found with the older one. If the newly found mark is lighter in shade, there are chances of continuous infestation. Larger gnaw marks tell the story that you have larger rats.

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Cats and dogs may become more interested in visiting those areas where rodents are active. This is due the odour of the rodents that your pet detects and follows. If you see your dog or cat pawing at an area which it was never bother about, you must get a flashlight and check the area carefully.

If rats or mice are active in your area, their runways and tracks are distinctive and getting fainter with time. You can simply detect their runways with flashlight or blacklight. You can find smudge marks, footprints, droppings or even urine stains. If you feel that you have rodent in your home and want to know if it is true, just sprinkle a thin layer of flour or baby powder to the suspected area. If rodents are active, you will see their trails in the sprinkled flour or powder.

Rats and mice use materials like fabric, shredded paper, or dead dried plant to make a nest. If you find such things in your home apart from all other signs we have discussed above, your place is infested with rodents.

How Rats Can Be Dangerous For You and Your Family?

Rats like chewing things. They tend to chew through electrical wiring, lead pipes, and even bricks. A rat’s front teeth grows every year and it can be between 4.5-5.5 inches in size. This is why rats chew and gnaw on things to keep their teeth short.

Now imagine if a rat chew through electrical cable in your home, anyone from the family can get a deadly shock from that live cable.

Rats’ saliva can make you ill. You don’t have to be scratched or bitten by infected rat to get ill with RBF (Rat Bite Fever). You can get RBF by simply handling an infected rat, or consuming food or liquids that have been contaminated by the infected rat.

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Other than RBF, rats can carry a lot more other harmful and potentially fatal communicable diseases. Their urine, faeces, and dander can pose allergic reactions. Some of the diseases that are caused by rats in human are-

  • Typhus
  • Hantavirus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Plague

It is always advisable to trap rodents as you see them before they multiply. For severe rodent infestation, rodent control services providing professionals will be a great help. You can contact such providers in your area and allow them to visit your home to detect and analyse the status of rodent’s population.

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