best places to visit in nepal

Top 4 places to visit in Nepal & tour package benefits

Best places to visit in Nepal

With a very diverse geography, fertile lands, Very tall mountains including Mt Everest (Highest on Earth), Nepal is a land full of mystery and full of rich cultural heritage. With Kathmandu as capital and Nepali as an official language, it is a land that breathes passion, culture, spirituality, and adventures. For solo travelers who love to trek and feel the rush of blood in their veins, it’s a great place to be. Here are the best tour travel company packages from Kolkata

Packages benefits: These are mainly the benefits which will be given through packages:

  1. Efficient and reliable hotels: Where ever you go hotels must be at the top of your priority list. Nepal tourism provides you with good, top class, efficient and reliable hotels. The people here are trustworthy and they will provide every required helps possible.
  2. Delicious foods: Nepal is famous for its range of mountains and range of various foods. Ethnic Chinese food and also special Nepali foods like Thukpa, Dhindo, etc are worth tasting.
  3. Good Hospitality: Nepal is a land of good culture and people here are very much reliable and hospitable. They welcome every tourist with their whole heart and treat them as their own. Here you will find very few corrupt people so they offer you everything they have and hold nothing back.
  4. Heavenly Sights: When you are in Nepal, sightseeing is a must. Nepal is very much famous for its ranges of mountains and its heavenly visuals. It will create illusions as if you are in a different world. Altogether it is a fantastic experience.
  5. Good package: The overall package of the Nepal tour is will be very memorable and energetic. Solo travelers will enjoy the upmost adventure on this tour and for them; it will be a lifetime experience.

Places you must visit:  These are the must-visit sights for Nepal tour packages from Kolkata:

kathmandu nepal1. Kathmandu:

This city is the capital of Nepal and the most visited place in Nepal. With the backdrop of the mountain, this city holds an enormous amount of history, cultural heritage and tons of interesting facts.




Pokhara Nepal2. Pokhara:

This is the gateway to the Himalayas. Situated 200 kilometers west of Kathmandu this valley feels like heaven on earth. It is surrounded by Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Annapurna I.




Chitwan National park3. Chitwan National park:

This UNESCO certified national park is on the Southwest of Kathmandu. Filled with various types of wild animals especially rhinos and hundreds of species of birds this place a worth watching.




Swayabhunath temple4. Swayabhunath temple:

This temple is the 2nd shining of Nepal. People who are devotees come here to fulfill their wishes. This sits on the top of the mountain and lies west of Kathmandu.





The best time to visit Nepal is between October and December. The skies are amazing at this time and the weather is very refreshing. I would suggest a 7N 7D package or you may choose a 13N 13D package.

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