[pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] Error Fixed - SOLVED Outlook Error

[pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] Error Fixed – SOLVED Outlook Error

When working with MS Outlook we enjoy many benefits in various applications. However, sometimes there is a case when we face issues or errors [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] error due to some minute mistakes we made or some missing functionalities. Usually, people frustrate a lot by seeing the error and they think it might be very difficult to resolve the error.

[pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] looking for an exact solution to the error

[pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] Frequently occurs during the sending and receiving of mails and fed up with this

No worries, you had reached the right place for your solution. Yes in this article, we had given proven methods and procedures to resolve the error [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] in few steps easily.

Why [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] Error Occurred

There are many simple reasons for the occurrence of this error. Few reasons are

  • The single-user uses many (multiple) accounts in Outlook and also not clearing or emptying the cache, which might lead to [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] error
  • Sometimes [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] error may occur during the installation process of the program application on the desktop or PC.
  • Another reason could be not using the exact web version application of MS outlook to avoid this error.

How to solve [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] Error in Simple ways

Procedure 1: Clearing the Cache

clear cache files to fix [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] error

  • Clearing the cache and cookies helps you to clean the previous content and allows your data to be fresh. In addition, it ensures that it had removed the broken data packets.
  • Just log out and log in to Microsoft Outlook
  • Suppose you use multiple windows or accounts close them to resolve this error
  • Always keep the MS outlook updated with the latest version
  • If an update arises, then update all and restart your PC to make the changes.

Now check whether Error [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] solved. If not move to the next solution.

Procedure 2: Check the Outlook Version

Update Outlook version to fix [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] error

  • [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] the error might occur due to an improper installation process, which would definitely affect the other email accounts or other applications on your PC
  • So if this is the case, remove or uninstall the corrupted version of Outlook from your Pc and reinstall the latest version update from the official website of Microsoft Outlook.

See whether the error [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] fixed after the update; if not then try the next method

Procedure 3: Web Application

Outlook web application

  • You can choose the exact version of the Outlook WebApp in the navigation pane from the options in the upper corner.
  • Clear using the light edition checkbox for Outlook Web App and then click save
  • Now, sign up from the light edition, close, and then later sign in from your registered account.

Procedure 4: Always keep Outlook Updated

Outlook updates

  • The user must always make sure that their system meets the requirements of the newest version of MS Outlook. In some cases when you use the updated version the earlier version removed automatically.
  • However, if error [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] occurs then the installation is required or if you face any issues during the installation process
  • Always make a backup of your Outlook data files and uninstall the office before installing the new version of Outlook.

By applying any of the above methods, you can fix the [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] error easily. Even after trying out these methods if you are not able to resolve the error then do contact the Microsoft support team for further process and fix the error.


We had strived a lot and brought out the best solutions for you to resolve the errors and work with error-free MS Outlook. We also suspect you had fixed the error [pii_email_eb97127635be706b34a3] by implementing any of the above methods. If still, the error exists then it might be a larger issue for which you have to contact the Microsoft team for further assistance.

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