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Top 10 PAT Testing Companies in West Yorkshire

PAT Testing in West Yorkshire is the process involved to test all electrical appliances used in the working premises or in a public area to ensure the safety of the electrical equipment as well as the workers in the working place. Portable appliance testing involves fully assured and DBS checks of all the portable devices. There are more companies in and around Uk that provide an excellent service with effective solutions at affordable prices. Moreover, these PAT testing must be done by the highly qualified professionals who had undergone a training course related to electrical works and be certified as a safety person to test all appliances on the premises and also comply with the working regulations of the UK.

Top 10 PAT Testing Companies in West Yorkshire

Although there are many companies providing the PAT Testing services here we discuss the leading 10 companies in West Yorkshire that provide the best services to the people with their cost-effective solutions and price. These companies cover almost all the small and large businesses at the cost of £35.00 and ensure that you are due diligence and have a system in place to maintain safety and prevent electrical hazards in your working premises with its excellent features and services.

  1. AR Electrics
  2. AC-BC PAT Testing
  3. Ohmega Electrical Ltd
  4. GetTesting
  5. Grampion Technical Service
  6. Harrison PAT Services
  7. Excel PAT Solutions
  8. JDR Electrical
  9. Kent PAT Testing
  10. Kingsmead Testing Services

1. AR Electrics

AR Electrics PAT Testing Company

If you are looking for highly qualified and expert professionals for PAT Testing, then AR electrics is the best choice. They possess legionnaires risk assessment engineers and PAT Testing Engineers who carry out higher standards of Industries and do things right. They are the trusted electricians of West Yorkshire. AR Electrics carry all works of electrical engineering from small jobs of repairing socket to full rewiring.


Services Provided

• Domestic & Commercial Electrical Work
• Intruder Alarm system
• Testing even Kitchen appliances
• Electrical Maintenance
• Gas safety certification
• Legionella Risk assessment

2. AC-BC PAT Testing

AC-BC PAT Testing company West Yorkshire
AC-BC PAT Testing provides certified PAT testers who offer a trouble-free service that works all around the competitive areas. They also provide services based on an hourly or evening basis it suits you and your business better. They use the best PAT testing equipment in the market to ensure that you get the best service and are safe to use the products in your working area. All their testing equipment is calibrated for which they provide a certificate on request.

Service Provided

• Sensitive IT Equipment Tested
• Itemized reports of products tested
• Free Microwave Leakage Testing
• Free minor repairs
• City and Guilds Qualified
• Latest PAT Testing Equipment

3. Ohmega Electrical Ltd

Ohmega PAT Testing West Yorkshire
Ohmega Electrical Ltd strives hard in Bringing Power to your Business through Client Partnership, Service Excellence, and Innovation. It is an extremely reputable and trusted company among many in the Uk. Also, they have highly qualified experienced and professional engineers to resolve your problems and ensure a high level of safety for all your portable products.


Services Provided

• Cost-Effective electrical solutions
• Building Management System
• Fire alarm and security services
• Free minor repairs testing

4. GetTesting

GET Testing APT Testing West Yorkshire

GetTesting provides a complete range of electrical testing services with high-quality professionals. It offers their customers either pay-as-you-go basis or if requested by customers provides a full scheduled electrical maintenance package that benefits users in all aspects. It renders a great level of service whether you are a sole trader or represent a blue-chip company.

Services Provided

• PAT Testing
• Fixed wire testing
• Emergency Light Testing
• LED Lighting
• Network Installation

5. Grampion Technical Service

Grampion TEchnical Service PAT Testing West Yorkshire

As a testing, the electrical appliances is important to ensure safety and protect your business and its employees Grampion offers it with high-quality services and experienced professionals. All their testing is carried in accordance with the IEE code of practice. Moreover, they use all the latest PAT equipment to test both 230V and 110V appliances and a specialist in PAT Testing.

Service Provided

• Kettles, microwave and other kitchen appliances
• Computers, monitors and peripherals using the main power
• Vacuum cleaners
• Extension Leads
• Also offer Periodical Electrical inspections
• Gas Safety Inspections

6. Harrison PAT service

Harrison PAT Testing Company

Harrison PAT Services are a professional independent portable appliance testing company. All their test engineers are highly qualified and competent to perform PAT Testing for all appliances. They use the latest seaward technology in PAT Equipment which is calibrated annually to ensure the accuracy of test results. The testing carried out by Harrison is in accordance with the IEE code of practice.

Services Provided

• Free for minor repairs
• PAT Testing with the latest equipment
• Extension leads
• Network installation

7. Excel PAT Solution

Excel PAT Testing Company in West Yorkshire
Excel PAT Solutions uses Tailor-made Testing solutions to suit all businesses either small or large. All engineers in Excel services are experienced and qualified to City & Guilds 2377 inspection and testing of Electrical Equipment. The testing they carry out is in accordance with the IEE Code of Practice for In-service inspection and for all testing electrical equipment 4th edition.

Services Provided

• Replacement of Plugs and fuses as per IEE code
• Use Latest PAT Testing equipment
• Visual inspection at a lower charge and asset labeling
• Annual calibration and maintenance routine.

8. JDR Electrical

JDR Electrical PAT Testing Company West Yorkshire

JDR Electrical offer their services to all sectors like domestic, commercial, and industries. The engineers in JDR Electrical are registered competent persons and are highly experienced professionals. They also have obtained DBS approval for all the electrical testing on appliances made and they use the latest Seaward testing equipment for all the testing they perform.

Services Provided

• PAT Testing
• Electrical Installation and Maintenance
• EICR & Electric Vehicle charging
• Smart lighting systems
• Smoke, carbon monoxide & Heat Alarm Systems
• Energy saving solutions and surveys

9. Kent PAT Testing

Kent PAT Testing Company West Yorkshire
Kent PAT Testing services support both domestic and commercial environments. They offer a professional and reliable testing service at great prices to more number of companies, trades, Landlords ad many other organizations. All items are labeled with a safety pass sticker that includes the date of the test and also the asset number.

Services provided

• Tests insulation and Leakage
• Test continuity of protective earth
• Checks every fuse
• Open every plug top
• Check every cord

10. Kingsmead Testing Services

Kingsmead PAT Testing Company West Yorkshire
Kingsmead provides a high-quality service at competitive prices without sacrificing the quality although today’s market is price-driven. They offer in-person attention while testing and provide accurate reporting. Moreover, they provide higher priority on the health and safety of their employees and visitors.

Service Provided

• Visual inspection on all appliances
• Fuse repair and replacement
• Series of Pre-test on specialized equipment
• Reminder of next due testing on all appliances

Final words

The above mentioned are the top 10 PAT Testing companies in West Yorkshire who provide excellent services for all businesses and landlords at competent prices and cost-effective solutions. If you are in need of Testing your electrical appliances approach the right service as per your need and enjoy the best services, they offer. In addition, you can also know the details of EPC which helps you a lot in various aspects.

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