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PAT Testing Course: Necessity & Benefits

Nowadays all people in the UK are all aware of the significance and benefits of PAT Testing in the working premises and in all commercial and domestic sectors, which enhances and ensures the safety of all portable appliances and maintains an electrical hazard-free environment. But one important factor that is to be taken into consideration is all these PAT Testing should be performed by highly qualified and experienced persons and the process they involve must comply with the Health and Safety Standards of Working Regulations of UK. As the Uk regulations insist that in order to carry out any kind of electrical work, it is a must that the person has to undergo a training course related to competency PAT Testing course and has a certificate that he is eligible to carry out the PAT Testing for all appliances by himself.

PAT Testing Course

Pre-Requisite for PAT Testing Course

There are NO requirements or prerequisites to undergo the PAT Testing course or you need not be an electrician to do a PAT Testing course, completely anyone can take up the course and prove yourself that you are certified and well qualified to do PAT Testing for all portable types of equipment for all Domestic and commercial organization. After completing the course, you can choose the PAT Testers by yourself based on the customer needs from top brands like Seaward, Kewtech, Fluke, etc, and become a successful and expert PAT Tester.

The objective of PAT Testing Course

No electrical background is required for the PAT testing course. The only thing is, anyone who wants to undergo the training must be competent. The training is always given by professionals and experts in PAT Testing and also the tutors who teach the course ensures that the candidates are competent and carry out testing to regulation standards. The course would comprise both practical and theoretical class and professionals see that students get benefitted out of the course by gaining more and more knowledge related to PAT Testing and also pass the course successfully.

Main Learning aspects considered are,

PAT Testing Training course

• Benefits of Carrying PAT Testing
• The Legal Requirements of PAT Testing
• Principles of electricity like measurements, reading and resistance relationship, current and voltage
• Identify the difference between the classification of class 1, class 2 appliances
• Earth wiring and Insulations need to avoid electrical hazards
• IED code of practice
• How results to be recorded with minimum requirements and software options
• Usage of PAT Tester and hands-on experience on the PAT testers
• Entire electrical testing process is clearly explained and involved them in the process with the testers they have and conduct as many as practical tests for them to get well experienced.

Once the candidate has completed the course successfully will receive the certificate of competence. Even after the completion of the course, there are possibilities to always call your instructors for advice and help related to your queries and clarifications.
Along with all the above training, the course will also provide free PAT Testing Course Handbook, PAT Testing guide, sample materials including equipment register, logbook, and much more. Need not buy any expensive books or guide apart from all these.

PAT Testing Courses Available

If you are looking for both theoretical and practical courses, then there are many courses available provided by many PAT Testing companies with qualified professionals. No specific course can be distinguished. The PAT Testing Course is available with like,

  • PASS PAT Training course
  • City& Guild PAT Testing course (theory-based)
  • PAT Testing Business Startup course.

Courses for PAT Testing

If you want to start up your business in PAT Testing, then you can opt for 3 days training program like the above. The training course mainly depends on the duration and suitability of the candidates and what they prefer. The training courses are available for 3 days and even 1 day which is best suited for candidates like,

  • Industry newbies as their career
  • wants to obtain new skills
  • The need for PAT Testing for items in their workplace
  • Anyone who is interested in PAT testing.

The validity of the PAT Testing Certificate

Validity of PAT Testing

There is no law or regulations mentioned that a candidate to retrain after 3 years. It would be always better or the suggestions from experts are that one should carry out PAT Testing on a regular basis so that the PAT Certificate does not run out. Also can attend the training once again after 3-5 years to refresh yourself or get updated.

To conclude with

If you want to become a PAT Tester, then you should be highly qualified and professional for which the basic necessity is to undergo the PAT Testing course based on your choice and become an Expert in PAT testing for your business and for others.

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