How to buy the best Mini Crib?

Have you considered buying a mini crib?

They save a lot of space and can be the perfect alternative to a normal-sized crib.

Mini cots are more compact than standard-sized cribs but do not give up style or comfort.

Practical details, such as wheels and folding structure in some cases, make these mini-covers perfectly suited to the smallest spaces. Also, its price usually matches its size and, apart from space, a mini cot can save you money, at least in the first months that is when the biggest disbursement is usually made.

Because of all these features, many parents opt for mini cots to provide their babies with a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

Next, we will give you all the information you need about this type of cots so that you can choose with criteria. Read on to find out!

What is a mini crib?

A mini cot is a small crib, usually 80 x 50 cm. It is most commonly used from the birth of the baby until it reaches 6-8 months.

While some parents may consider buying a mini-cradle to throw away money because, sooner or later, the baby will have to be moved to a larger crib, the truth is that it has a number of advantages over standard cots.

For example, it allows us to take the baby with us anywhere in the house while doing the housework, using the computer, watching TV, etc. Also, for example, we can move you to the living room if there are visitors without having to remove you from the mini cot.

how to buy a minicrib

Also, mini-cots are an excellent option if you have little space at home or, for example, if you want to sleep with your baby in the same room, but it’s not wide enough to fit a standard crib.

Another advantage of mini cots is that they provide the baby with a closed and protected environment, just what he is used to after spending 9 months in the womb. This makes you feel safe and at ease. Besides, the mini cradle allows us to move that pleasant feeling when we are away from home so that the baby continues to feel safe, protected, and comfortable even when in a different environment than usual.

Where to Buy Mini-cribs?

The mini cot, like the convertible crib or the colecho crib, has less demand than the standard or travel cot. For this reason, it can be more difficult to find them in neighborhood stores.

However, you are sure to find yourself in large maternity shops and department stores. Still, you may not find much variety, so we’ve discussed it before. More demand, more variety, and vice versa.

Without a doubt, it is in the online store where you will find a greater variety and usually the best price, but watch out! because they’re not all the same.

For example, I usually trust Amazon. I find variety, good price (usually the best) and I have never had problems when returning any product that, once received at home, I did not like or did not meet my expectations. And, all this, without explanation, quickly and easily and at no additional cost.

To make it easy, on this page I will leave you the best-updated offers you find.

Types of mini baby crib

There are several types of mini cots.

Foldable Mini crib

Some mini-cards can be folded so they can be stored in a closet or under a bed. They are perfect for rooms with limited space or to take them on a trip.

Convertible Mini crib

Some models can be transformed is a bed for toddlers, a desk, or even a headboard and piece of a bed. However, you usually have to buy additional parts to be able to do the conversion.

Coleco Mini-Schools

Professionals recommend sleeping in the same room as your baby until you are at least six months old. To do so, nothing beats a concho mini-school. They have an open side that attaches to the bed so that the baby can have his or her own space inside your bed. This avoids choking problems.

buying the best minicrib

How to choose the mini-head that suits you best?

If you want to choose the mini crib that’s right for you and your baby, consider the following:

  • Materials

    You will find mini-coats of many different materials. Is it a metal crib covered in fabric or wood? Although both materials are ideal, the wood is warm and comfortable. Metal, on the other hand, lasts a long time however, due to its hardness, injuries in babies are more common.

  • Safety

    Before you buy a mini cot, make sure you comply with current European regulations on crib issues. The edges should be smooth and well finished, you don’t have to have physical hazards like exposed screws or nuts, or be made with aggressive chemicals that could harm your baby. 

  • Mattress

    The mattress must be firm and well adjusted. The space between the mattress and the sides of the mini-head should be minimal as if there is too much space, babies can get stuck in it and suffocate. 

  • Stability

    Sleeping in a bed that wobbles or creaks are annoying. The experience is even worse for babies as it disrupts their sleep and can cause problems in their development. Once you’ve chosen material and design, check its stability. Do you stagger or creak while using it? If so, download it. 

  • Ease of transport

    Are you planning to move the mini cot from one room to another? Some mini-cots have wheels that make it easy to move from side to side but make sure they have a secure locking mechanism, especially if the mini cradle is on a carpet-less surface. 

  • Mobility

    Do you often travel with your baby? In that case, it is best to find a folding mini-bed, so you can take it with you when you go on a trip. Your baby will sleep peacefully and safely even if he or she is not in his or her usual environment.

What’s the best mini-head?

There is no better mini cot, but the most convenient for you and your baby. You must consider the aspects I mentioned earlier to choose correctly.


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