EPC for a building

How long does an EPC last?

What is an EPC?

EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate that is used to check the energy performance of the property. Moreover, the process should be implemented or performed by a qualified Domestic energy assessor. It is also used to find out the building’s environment by checking the carbon dioxide emission. The assessor takes into consideration many factors like Roof Insulation, Boiler Efficiency, Wall& floor, and also the type of bulb being used. If you are in need of testing the electrical or portable equipment of the domestic or commercial environment, then of course you can go with PAT Testing which ensures a high safety level to all the electrical appliances used and helps you to prevent electrical Hazards and fire accidents.

These PAT Testing can be done as in the case of EPC with highly qualified professional engineers or also there are many PAT Testers available by branded companies like Seaward, Fluke, etc which helps even the beginners to test the portable appliance effectively and quickly.

EPC an Overview

Procedures involved in obtaining EPC

  • In general, EPC should be obtained before the building is for sale or rent in the market.
  • The building owners of the property or the eventual landlords are responsible for obtaining an EPC
  • In case, if it is a newly constructed home or building, then the builder is the responsibility to provide the certificate to the concerned person of the building within a week of completion in building construction.
  • Suppose an agent is fixed to sell or rent out a building, then it is mandatory that he includes the energy performance indicator from the EPC to all ways of commercial media (that includes written particulars, brochures, and property websites) and also in marketing that building.
  • Approximately the time take for Domestic assessments would be around 30-40 minutes and whereas for Commercial assessments 45 minutes and at times it depends upon the size and type of the property you possess.
  • The visual inspection will be undergone by the assessor who would inspect the wall, lofts, heating systems, and insulation of your property. For the verification process measurements and photographs would be taken for future reference to certifying the property.
  • Sometimes these underlying data may be used to show off that it complies with the EPC regulations and the government might take these data for research purposes.
  • Once the assessment is completed by the assessor and you will receive the certificate after your payment.
  • Finally, the copy of EPC will be loaded officially in the Nation Register which can be accessed by the EPC Search facility.

 Validity of EPC

Validity of EPC
The validity of an EPC certificate is 10 years among which it can be used multiple times during that time limit. Moreover, if some energy improvements are made during the time limit and also you have a plan to sell or rent your property then in order to improve the rating you have to just approach for a new certificate that includes all changes.
Probably if you have a good rating based on the improvements done, you will have more chances of potential buyers in the competitive market with similar property in the specific area.

Benefits of EPC Certificate

  • It provides the owners or landlords an award-winning EPC service for all residential and commercial properties in the UK.
  • Higher Rating with Attractive buyers in the competitive market
  • Reduces the running cost of the property
  • Implementing PAT Testing Ensures safety in your newly constructed building along with the EPC certificate. It would certainly be an added advantage of having both a PAT certificate and an EPC Certificate which is more reliable and significant.

Penalties for neglecting EPC Regulations

It is the duty of the Department of Finance(DoF) and the district councils to enforce the significance and need for EPC regulations for a property. Failure of which will lead to the issue of Penalty charge notice to the property owners for the following,

  • Make a valid EPC certificate free of charge for either the buyer or tenant
  • Provide EPC to the owner of the building not more than 5 days after the work has been completed.
  • Recommendation report to accompany a valid EPC

Categories of EPC

Category of Energy efficiency

It has 7 categories ranging from A-G, Where A represents a well suited and more energy efficient property but whereas G represents the decreased energy level of the property. Always it is better to carry out the assessment by the qualified assessor which in turn would certainly have a high-quality impact on the building or property.


Hope you are now aware of the Significance and Validity of EPC Certificate for a building or property that benefits you in various ways and also the process involved in obtaining an EPC.

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