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Most Exciting Girls Trip Around Ontario – Mother’s Day Special

Isn’t it over too soon?” I couldn’t help but ask the loveliest person sitting next to me, my mom.

It’s been five days now, hon” my mom replied smiling, holding a cup of her favorite latte.

I was more than happy to plan a week last year when we were not under lockdown and things were normal. My mom had the brightest smile on her face, the very first smile I had seen on her face.

Sometimes we take our relations for granted, not giving enough time.  I remember it clearly when I couldn’t make it to Thanksgiving and my mom was bummed. So I decided to make Mother’s Day special by planning all girl’s trip!

Down the memory lane of an exciting mother’s day trip

It’s commendable how you want to spend mother’s day. You may prefer to stay at home and plan a cozy evening or maybe a treat of the spa for your mother. To plan a travel extravaganza in Canada was my idea of surprise for my mom. Riding on airport limo all around Ontario turned out to be the most amazing mother-daughter I could ever imagine.

So how does the 5-day plan sounds to you? Do you want to peek inside my mom’s favorite memories? Well, you can plan the same for your mom too!

1. Start with Niagara Falls

This is a pretty common destination on everyone’s list especially when its summertime. But imagine when tulips are in full bloom, and you visit Niagara Falls with you best gal pal (in this case my mom) it becomes a perfect getaway destination.

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During the day you can take a boat ride, visit the museums, or even the haunted house on the Niagara premises. If your mom has a knack for traveling then it becomes more exciting as you can visit the small historical town and book a stay.

2. Tick mark wine and food tour

Do you know how moms love to cook and try new recipes? So let’s keep this scenario in mind and plan your second visit for Prince Edward County. Best known for its picturesque regions and yes you will smell the wine in the air (not literally but you will know once you visit it) along with tasty culinary treasures. On a bright day, you can take tours of the wineries or vineyards, participate in wine sampling, and later getting your hands on delicious meals.

Oh and do not forget to buy a good ol’ fashion souvenir from a local antique shop. You can make a lot of happy memories by doing so.

3. For the love of snow

Collingwood is a desirable ski resort for ski lovers. If you and your mom happen to love snow this is n ideal destination to arrive. Whether it’s hiking in the nature trails or a self-guided culinary tour, you can spend a productive day by burning calories from all the walking (and food tour the previous day).

You will love the Blue Mountain Village, and get on a shopping spree with your mom. Maybe you buy her a surprise date night dress or you can book a Scandinavian spa popular for their outdoor baths.

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4. Golf memories

Who says only dads can be a good golfer? My mother is a pro in golf, but lately, she didn’t play due to her hectic routine so Muskoka turns out to be more than 2 hours away from Toronto so I booked Limousine service of GTA in advance and surprised her as we reached Deerhurst Resort.

I’m seriously lacking any interest in golf, so I just sit out this one tiny adventure but was glad to see mom playing to her full ability. She did offer me to for a horse riding, one of my favorite things, we spent a short hour riding and running over obstacles. At the end of the day, it was a pretty classy day for both of us.

5. Rejuvenate with Yoga

It’s easy for mothers to be caught in a frenzy of completing chores and not taking care of themselves. If you are looking to build a healthy connection with your mother, a yoga treat is another way to relax yourself and your mother. Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre is the Canadian countryside, a sanctuary that allows you to have your fill of relaxation around nature.

City life is full to the top of the bottle, meditation does you good, not only in physical aspects but emotional also.

Rebuild, mend, and create a stronger bond with your mother!

Cherish the moments you have with your mother, appreciate all she’s done for you. A little treat for your mom can mean a lot, more than you can ever know.

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, and your forever friend.”

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