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Guide on Coworking space Promotion on Facebook 

Focusing your co-working space marketing on Facebook is one important task that you must address before its late. 

With a sea of opportunities and hundreds of strategies that can be made for your promotional campaign on Facebook, we have no time, but, to jump straight to the core idea of Facebook promotion for your co-working space. 

So, cut the clutter, here is the perfect guide for Co-working space promotion on Facebook.

First things first. 

1.Why do you have to promote your coworking space online?

Because half of the people will not know about the existence of your space unless you are on social media. 

Be there where people are there!

coworking space ads

Reports claim that people spend an average of 2.4 hours a day on social media scrolling, swiping, texting and clicking. 

Social media is the perfect platform to find the right audience today. With people being more addicted to social media today, they are being more honest over the platforms than in real-world, letting the business seekers know the real interests and traits of each individual making it easier for them to target their leads. 

2.Why choose Facebook for my coworking space?

Facebook has been there all the while, witnessing all the changes that can happen to both, the interests of people and machine algorithms – There is really a reason why Facebook is known as King of Social Media. 

The co working space in Pune explains how life-changing it has been ever since Facebook ads have been giving them some of the best leads.

Today, still, there are more than one billion people active on Facebook. A brilliant entrepreneur cannot see anything less than a billion opportunities. With effective targeting and marketing strategies, you could easily get new concrete leads. We’ll see how in a while.

With Facebook, it’s never been cheaper and easy for the marketers to promote their co-working spaces. 

There are plenty of communities already existing Facebook who can be your target audience, they can be startup enthusiasts, freelancers, SMEs or anyone who you can target locality-based as a group. This will reduce your effort in focusing on leads individually.

Facebook gives you opportunities for campaigns and events being hosted without difficulty, which can be your methods of strategy for promoting your co-working space.  

3.But, I’ve heard Facebook is already dead!

Oh! Let us address the elephant in the room.

With experts commenting on the dead usage of Facebook among users and the changing interests of people towards other platforms, it is not something that can be neglected when you start focusing on Facebook ads and promoting your co-working space online.

With the huge change of Facebook algorithms 2018, FB decided to “show more of family, friends and dear ones, not the business, clients and sales”

This has almost made the organic reach dead on Facebook, causing it a bit of a pain for all the business pages. Experts say only .5% of your business page fans get to see your updates on Facebook.

coworking space facebook ads

It is where the relevance of Facebook ads comes into play. Facebook ads have evolved so much to provide you with all that you want, covering up the shortcomings of the algorithm change and much more.

You get the opportunity to focus on a demographically and behaviourally filtered audience as per your wish, giving plenty of opportunities to promote your co-working spaces.  

4. Co-working space promotion on Facebook: Guide

With the facts and factors laid down, we can focus on strategies and methods that can be used to promote your co-working space on Facebook.

Facebook ads have a huge relevance when they are catered to the right audience with the call to action. This is the golden rule.

Ads, Audience, CTA

Facebook ads can give you the type of audience that has never been on your page, giving opportunities for new and fresh leads, the cold audience.

You can focus on the audience who might be interested in your business, tracking their behavioural patterns, that Facebook does so perfectly and neat. With almost all the social media that public dwells in, controlled by Facebook, businessmen can get faultless narrowing down of public according to the type they need. 

Types of Facebook Ads

There are plenty of Facebook ads that people come across while they scroll away. To get caught in the eyes of your future clients is the key.

With the change in the audience, you need to alter the ads also differently. You need not display an ad about your co-working space who is already your client, whereas it must be shown to a person who is in search of a co-working space, explaining the perks of being your client. At the same time, your clients can be given the ads about your upcoming event or a campaign that will increase their loyalty. 

Know what to cater to.

There are basically text ads that must be short and crisp, changing with all the audience. These ads must be quick reminders about your space!

Headlines, description and a URL is another common way Facebook ads are circulated. People choose this as it gives the audience a rough idea of what they are going to click before even doing so.  

Media ads are the most loved and accepted form of Facebook Ads as they attract the audience more than anything. It gives the users to the whole idea of the Ad and the purpose of the same.

Getting a decent and attractive creative for the Ad is very important as far as you are concerned. You can include pictures from your own co-working space in the Ads to make it more realistic. 

Call To Action is the next type of Facebook Ads that urges the audience to the next step of getting closer to your business. It can be a button to call your space, a button to make a booking for space or anything of that sort. 

5. Remarketing- An inevitable part

coworking space remarketing ads

Remarketing is reaching out to the public who have already visited your web page or FB page. This is highly required, because, once they show an interest, they are your potential clients. 

One of the co-working space in shivaji nagar has been combining remarketing with Facebook products Ads producing tremendous effects on their leads.

6. Influencer Marketing for your co-working space

This is one strategy that everyone can make use of if you have a success story or an influencer among your clients. 

With any of your upcoming campaigns or events or even an ad about your co-working space, you can ask “The Client” to share it on their page.

FACTS TO KEEP IN MIND: Do not go for a straight away post that looks sponsored and paid for. It must be genuine, and must not sound promotional.

coworking space ads in facebook


The post can be a testimony of how well your space helped your client, along with a video or an image or whatever you feel can attract the audience towards the post. The post can also include a headline, description, Url of your campaign with a CTA to your campaign. Make sure the landing page they reach soon after they click on the URL has all the elements that will make them your fans and make a registration right away!


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