Getting Your PSD Converted to WordPress 4.1

psd to wordpress

PSD Converted to WordPress 4.1

We are in the 2nd decade of the 21st century and the need for more stringent and spot-on content creation and content promotion has never been higher. WordPress has recently updated to version 4.1 and this would be a wise time to invest in PSD to WordPress conversion services. Your customers will be rewarded with a zero-background noise (visually) experience while they relish the content you are providing them.

Elegance has always been a driving force for WordPress and this is yet another step taken by the WordPress web development team to maintain their ever-rising standards. We have curated a list of 10 unavoidable reasons to convert your website from PSD to WordPress 4.1, aka “Dinah”.

Spike in Technical Prowess

The backend of the technicalities that WordPress focuses on has been tweaked to improve the presence of complex query solving algorithms, taxonomy, advanced conditional logic features, etc.  The document title tag has been simplified due to the addition of a new function known as add_theme_support ( ‘title-tag’ ). Even the JavaScript API package has been optimized and improved to enhance the media consumption experience for users.

Recommended Plugins

Based on your history of used plugins in the past, currently used plugins and searched plugins, WordPress offers you a comprehensive list of plugins. Most of these recommended plugins are chosen specially to optimize your workflow and the navigation experience of the users on your website. There is also a list of Featured and Popular plugins to keep you in the loop with the latest developments. 

Image Editing Toolbar (Inline)

Editing images within your post editor has always been a hassle due to specific limitations. But now, these complex issues have been eradicated with the arrival of an in-built tool that gives you a plethora of options to tweak your images. Image alignment can now be done via clicking on a single icon in your post editor and then utilizing its tools. 

convert psd to wordpress 4.1

Modern Default Theme

The WordPress Web Development team has added a brand-new default theme, Twenty Fifteen. The main purpose of this theme is to be user/mobile-friendly. The theme has been mindfully created to ensure that free WordPress websites function well on all devices. One can choose between pink, blue, dark yellow, purple, and pink color schemes. 

Menu for Social Media

The new theme has adopted a feature that lets you link your social media accounts to your WordPress website for added reach. Simply create a custom menu and the URLs for your social media account accounts as a custom link. Once you click on Save menu you will notice the icons on your website. 

Entry/Exit Session Security

Security has been improved by a notch due to the new session management feature. If you use several devices at several locations or have a team that has access to the website then this can prove to be a great record-keeping feature that informs you of access to your WordPress dashboard. Each time you login to a new session, you are given the ability to logout of any existing sessions. Privacy, monitoring, and data security have been given a boost due to this addition. 

OEmbed Support for Vine

Remember how we could embed YouTube videos onto our WordPress website? Dinah version allows us to do the same but from Vine. Vine is a video clip (short) looping platform to make short, descriptive and attention-capturing videos. 

Implementation of Select2 Script

Developers and users can utilize this feature to optimize the speed of their websites. The Select2 script helps jQuery-based replacements for drop-down lists as an in-built search engine. This calls for the content to appear only when required by AJAX. 

psd to wordpress

Stronger Pack Support for Language

Changing the language of communication of your entire website has never been easier. All you need to do is access the General Settings tab and choose from a list of over 40 languages. This flexibility gives options to use a number of more promotional techniques that can promote the reach of your WordPress website. Converting from PSD to WordPress services can be a route to attract customers on a global scale, by having a website focused more on content visuals. 

Elimination of Distractions during Writing

Earlier one had to install the Focus plugin for this feature. But version 4.1 of WordPress has naturally included this feature on the WordPress content editor to eliminate distractions while trying to focus on your content. All the tools needed to change the structure of your content, add shapes, add images, alignment, etc would be temporarily invisible by clicking on the “four-direction icon” under the text tab of your editor.

Overall the advantages and benefits of converting from PSD to WordPress version 4.1 are fantastic and open doors to a new world and a more precise process for content creation. Now is the time to reap the benefits of this update and expand your businesses.


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