Best Cakes To Make Your Kid’s Birthday Special

As we grow old, we start losing interest in celebrating our birthday, right? It no longer remains a special day for us, it becomes just another day. But do you remember when you were a kid and the most special day for you was your birthday? It was the day you were most excited about as birthdays meant cakes, gifts, friends and family all together- in one word, it meant “fun”.

You might no longer be a kid or a teenager who likes to celebrate birthdays but your kid surely does. He or she looks forward to this day for like 364 days in a year, yes exactly! So before your kid turns into a teenager who has a completely separate life of his or her own and where you are no longer included in their birthday plans, take every year as an opportunity to make your kid’s birthday so special that he or she will forever remember it and thank you for making it so memorable.

Invite all their friends- in fact, if he or she is really young and does not exactly have his or her “friends group” yet in school, call over the entire class. Invite the cousins, the neighbour friends, grand parents and basically everybody whose company your child enjoys, after all this is his or her special day!

Decorate the place with balloons, streamers, etc., you can get people to dress up as your kid’s favourite cartoon character, hire people who can paint cute tattoos on the kids’ hands, play their favourite music and have a gala time dancing away. Arrange for food that every kid can have, arrange for small return gifts for the kids and a thank you card for each of them for coming to the party, click lots of photographs to preserve these moments forever.

Now comes the most important part of a kid’s birthday party- the birthday cake! That’s always one of the major attractions in a kid’s birthday party, and not just for your kid but for the others as well. If your child’s birthday is coming up anytime soon, he or she might have already started telling you all about the kind of birthday cake he or she wants, isn’t it? Maybe something based on their favourite cartoon or their favourite game? Or maybe your baby has just mentioned the colour of the cake which he or she wants for the birthday? It’s okay, you don’t have to stress anymore about finding the perfect happy birthday cake for your kid’s birthday, we are here to help you out and you can send flower to Kolkata from Bloomsvilla.

Here is a lit of the best cakes that you can choose from for your kid’s birthday to make it a memorable one-

1. Racing Kids Cars

Kids, especially little boys, tend to love cars and racing games. They are huge fans of different kinds of cars, building race tracks and racing all these cars against each other. This 2kg fondant cake will be shaped like your kid’s age (For example, if he is turning 5 this year then the cake will be shaped like the number 5), and another awesome fact about this cake is that it can be made in any flavour of your choice. But do you want to know what’s the most exciting part of this cake? It is designed like a race track with little cars of different colours on it. Your kid is going to love this cake!

birthday cakes for kids

2. Kids Special Jungle Cake

Kids love animals, whether they are wild animals or pet ones. In fact, they probably think they can easily be friends with a lion or an elephant, maybe they can be also, after all, even animals recognise innocent souls and love them just like their own. Anyway, the point is, there is no way that your kid won’t like a cake that’s jungle-themed- a cake that has all their favourite animal characters. This fondant cake is one of the sweetest ones that you can get for your kid on his or her birthday!

3. Hello Kitty Cute Fondant Cake

Hello Kitty is just so adorable, isn’t it? It’s sweet, pretty and pink- basically, everything that little girls love (we are not saying your little boy can’t or shouldn’t love Hello Kitty as well, in fact, if he does, great choice baby boy!). So if you have a little one whose birthday is coming up, order this cake to bring a smile on the little one’s face.

4. Spiderman Cake

Does your little one just love Spidey? We do too! His webs have trapped us in a magical world and we never want to leave this place. If your kid is a Spiderman fan, this cake will surely be the best thing on his birthday

5. Minnie Mouse Car Cake

We don’t remember a time when we didn’t love Minnie Mouse. For ages now, this cartoon character has been one of our favourites and in case your kid loves Minnie Mouse too, order this cake for his or her birthday to surprise your little one- a cute little Minnie Mouse will be driving a cute little car and coming to the party, we mean as a cake obviously!

6. Mickey Mouse Cake

Another favourite cartoon character that has been winning hearts since forever now is the Mickey Mouse. Whether your kid has ever watched the cartoon or not, there’s no way he or she doesn’t know about Mickey Mouse. Order this colourful and delicious Mickey Mouse cake from Bloomsvilla to make your little one happy from the heart!

7. Angry Bird Theme Cake

This bird might be called “Angry” bird but don’t you think it looks super cute? Your kid might have played the Angry Bird game or might not have but he surely knows about this character. Order this fun, adorable and mouth-watering cake for your kid’s birthday to make the day even more special.

happy birthday cakes for kids

8. Racing Car Kids Cake

Does your kid love cars? He or she might probably already be having a collection of different types of cars but this one will be the most special one. It’s a cake that they will not just fall in love at the very first sight but will always remember cutting!

Order fun cakes from Bloomsvilla which are specially made for kids with extra love and just so you know, you can get cake delivery in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Indore, and basically every other city in India if you place your order on Bloomsvilla.

We wish your kid a very happy birthday in advance- may his or her life be full of love and laughter!

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